Book: Parachute Games

Book: Parachute Games

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Sally Olsen and Jean Parker
Peace Pledge Union
ISBN 0 902680 36 6
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DESCRIPTION: A comprehensive collection of co-operative games played with a parachute. 'I remember the excitement and awe I felt when I saw, for the first time, a huge parachute, held by some forty people, fill up and mushroom into the air. I still feel that sense of shared empowerment when I play now.', writes one of the authors in this pamphlet. Parachute games are games for all ages and all abilities.

Parachute games do not require an opponent. They are a branch of co-operative games. They are about sharing territory together and enjoying an activity which is only possible in a group. You can make this point by challenging any individual to activate a parachute from the ground single-handed! A group can do things an individual cannot. Co-operative games aim to empower all. The possibility of democratic participation is enhanced by the circle-shape of a parachute which requires players to stand in a circle facing each other. Both the circle and the nature of the activities encourage maximum awareness of the desires and needs of each member of the group. A parachute offers wonderful opportunities for inventive movement - there are moments when parachute games have the magical qualities of drama or dance.

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